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DTPCB provides integrated solutions ranging from schematic design and engineering support to mass production. Our total solution provides you with production services that meet both strict telecom standards and cost-effective advantages.

DTPCB is one of the leading suppliers of network and communication circuit boards in China. It supplies the major OEMs and ODM and EMS manufacturers in the telecommunication and network industries at home and abroad.

We manufacture low-to-high-rise printed circuit boards and backplanes, including large size/small size and high aspect ratio plating. We understand the importance of signal integrity and impedance control requirements, which are the key capabilities our customers value.

In this way, DTPCB can not only provide the most reasonable pricing in the world, but also provide customers with first-class manufacturing, logistics and supply chain solutions. Our engineering design support team helps customers optimize, reduce product costs, and facilitate the rapid turnaround of new product launches (NPI) to meet our customers' increasingly important time to market requirements.

All the circuit boards we supply all over the world have passed ISO.9001/ROHS/SGS certification and provide customers with the highest level of technology and quality.

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