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New Energy Electronics

Since the launch of new energy and under the guidance of the national central policy, in the face of the national strategy and the sunrise industry in the 21st century, DTPCB has continuously invested in research and development, talent strategy, and meet the needs of growing scientific and technological progress, adding a force to the country. Revitalize the national industry. At the same time, industry support policy standards have been increasing year by year, which will also force the PCB industry to continue its technological upgrading. Different from traditional technologies, new energy key enterprise technologies rely less on traditional technologies, mostly from other industries such as motors, batteries, communications, sensors, semiconductor control, and other manufacturing industries.

DTPCB will increase investment in the new energy industry to meet customers' higher technology and quality assurance, and will always provide solutions to solve customer concerns.

New energy vehicles front-end and back-end electronic products;
Solar, photovoltaic;
New energy charging pile;
Other new energy, industry 4.0 electronics industry projects;

DTPCB will, as always, provide high reliability and high-tech capabilities while investing:
Thickness ratio, thick copper;
special material;
Resistant to ultra-high, super-hazardous environmental materials;
High reliability test
Targeted technical team docking;

Hot products