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Industrial Electronics

DTPCB  has one of the leading advantages of its peers in reducing cost in industrial industrial control electronics and instrumentation manufacturers. This is precisely the solution that customers face in urgent need of high cost pressure, and customers are shortening the time to market At the same time, we must maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability. In addition to assisting customers in the control and control of DTPCB, DTPCB’s outstanding team and experienced experience will help customers better meet any challenges other than Chenben.

ISO.TS9001 industrial control standards, 6S, ISO.TS16949 management system to refine all production processes;
Printed circuit board prototypes seamlessly transition to mass production;
Thick copper thickness ratio;
Customized, designated special industrial control materials;
High reliability quality system;
Global response
Full service, ISO certified manufacturing center
RoHS compliant process;
Customer counterpart program management team;
We have a deep understanding of the products of the industrial industrial electronics and instrumentation market. Our product examples include:

Industrial control instrument
Industrial equipment computer motherboard
Indoor and outdoor cabinets for industrial control
Advanced integrated and tested high power transformers
Electric vehicle charging station
PCB board for higher power requirements;

Hot products