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Computer Electronics


As one of China's top 100 circuit board manufacturers, DTPCB provides complex printed circuit board production services for high-end computers, cloud computers, storage and switching/routing equipment.

Printed circuit board

Our computer and peripheral electronics customers are PCB manufacturers that require high-tech, high-reliability products throughout the product's life cycle. Our domestic and international ministry services at Shenzhen Market Headquarters, combined with the large-volume manufacturing plant in Meizhou and the construction of the third plant in Jiangxi, and the gradual establishment of a global technical support center will continue to provide our customers with the best solutions. Our main PCB technologies include:

Strategic customer special cooperation method, flexible
Highly competitive production cost control
High diameter ratio
No repair, high reliability test
Lead-free manufacturing capacity
Blue plastic, carbon oil
More than 12 layers
Kelvin probe testing for increased reliability
Samples and seamless transition to mass production

Hot products