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Automotive Electronics


An important supplier in the automotive electronics industry
DTPCB, as a strategic supplier to the automotive industry, provides automotive electronics manufacturers with advanced technology and medium-to-high-volume high-reliability printed circuit boards. We meet all automotive industry customer demand for printed circuit boards - from regional prototypes to mass production, from standard products to the most advanced technologies. Our printed circuit boards are used in a wide range of applications from critical safety components such as airbags, braking, steering, collision avoidance or radar systems to engine control units and infotainment systems.

DTPCB is a key technology used in automotive printed circuit boards, such as:
High reliability technology application
Support automotive thick copper process
Ultra high thermal conductivity production plan
High-performance materials
Mass production capacity for advanced automotive applications
Control impedance capability technology application
Automotive front-end and back-end electronic applications

We have repeatedly stressed the importance of quality and reliability. All of the products we deliver have industry-leading quality and strictly follow strict monitoring procedures. DTPCB factories have passed ISO/TS16949 certification.

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