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DTPCB history

2006: DTPCB was established in Meizhou City, which is in eastern Guangdong province, China, and SZ office was built at the same time.

2008: Our monthly output of PCBs successfully exceeded 40,000 square meters

2010: The second factory of DTPCB started running in Meizhou. Meanwhile, East China market office and Central China market office were established.

2012: Both our two factories got ISO/TS16949 certification, which further guaranteed our product quality.

2014: DTPCB ranked Top 78 among PCB manufacturers in China.

2015: Our third factory was under construction and our target monthly output became 150,000 square meters. In the same year, we replaced 60% of our equipment with machines from Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co. Ltd.

2016: DTPCB monthly output exceeded 70,000 square meters in total.

2017: DTPCB built another team for high-tech PCBs and our output reached 120,000 square meters per month.

2018:We are fighting with more customers.